Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Revisions, Copyediting, Etc.

I mentioned sometime last week about receiving two stories back--one with a request for revisions and the other with suggested revisions.

I revised the first story twice, going back-and-forth with the editor over one change before I understood why he wanted it and then figuring out how to incorporate it in a way that flowed with the rest of the story. It's a better, stronger story now. The editor's happy with the changes and I received a tentative acceptance. I won't include this story in my sales-to-date count until I receive a clear acceptance.

I've looked over the editor's suggestions on the other story, think I understand her comments, and have gone over the story once making some of the easier changes. As it's a 27,000-word story, this isn't a revision I'll bang out in a weekend.

Earlier today I received the copyedited version of a story I sold earlier this year, and I approved all the editor's changes. This particular copyeditor has worked on a few of my stories and of all the changes he's made in all the stories, I think I've only rejected/questioned two of them. (And questioning one of the changes brought back the response that the copyeditor's Australian. The Americanism I used didn't make the leap into the other English language.)

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