Wednesday, May 30, 2007

22, 23

Two more acceptances--a bit of crime fiction accepted by a web zine and some writing tips accepted by a friend putting together a book about writing. I also received a check for a short story published back in April and a contributor's copy of a magazine containing one of my short stories.

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elysabeth said...

cool - I hope to see 5 by the end of the year (maybe that's stretching it but it's possible if I keep entering Echelon's monthly contests). I also have a couple of things I would like to just submit to Karen to see about getting published. I posted on my blog about getting that second piece published and so on. How about dropping over and commenting on how you feel getting your 23rd piece published this year - let all the readers know if the excitement level is the same or if it diminishes the more you get published.

Congrats - E :)