Monday, October 06, 2008

Medical update

I met with my surgeon this afternoon. My recovery is on schedule and, barring a set-back, I probably won't see him again. My next appointment is with my cardiologist.

I should be able to resume full activities two months after surgery--which would be November 10--and I've been encouraged to slowly increase my activities so that I can hit that target.

Should I have told him that I wasn't waiting around for approval and was already doing a few things I shouldn't have been doing?


Susanne said...

You never mentioned if you're doing cardiac rehab (an exercise program with medical monitoring of heart rate, blood pressur, etc.) Lots of people I know who had surgery similar to yours found it extremely helpful in terms of maximizing the benefit from surgery. Some even paid to continue the program when insurance stopped covering it.

Susanne said...

Michael -

Sorry for the Freudian slip!

McDougall is my dog and I just blogged for a pets site. Think it's a sign I should head for bed instead of typing!!

Michael Bracken said...

I'm not in rehab yet. I see my cardiologist later this month and have an appointment scheduled the same day at the rehab clinic.