Tuesday, December 30, 2008

51 and published 2x

I received my 51st acceptance of the year today. Sort of.

I picked up a copy of the February True Story because it contains my story "Valentine's Surprise" and was surprised when I discovered that it also contains my story "Forgiving My Father."

Why was I surprised? Because I never received a contract for the story and did not know it had been accepted.


Susanne said...

Do hope you get the check for the story w/o a contract.

Always wonder what happens to those stories stuck in limbo (neither accepted or rejected)and ... unlike you ... my only source is author's copies. Sigh! Don't get those every month either so would probably never have a clue if a non-contracted story ever got published.

Congratulations on your Valentine issue two-fer!

Michael Bracken said...

This happened once before with this publisher (and they may have sent a contract that was lost in the mail). Then, as now, I sent a note to the editor. Last time, a contract showed up about a week later, so I expect the same thing will happen again.

Although it doesn't happen these days, I used to write for a magazine that never sent acceptance letters or contracts. One day an envelope containing a contributor copy and a check would appear in the mail and I had to work my way through the magazine to figure out what they published.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Congrats! Looks to me that despite everything that went haywire for you, it was yet another strong year wring wise.