Friday, June 05, 2009

Career reboot

When I started writing again in January, 3.5 months after my quadruple bypass, new material began pouring out of me, and it continues to pour out of me. I've completed 40 short stories since January 1. At this pace I'll complete 100 short stories this year, nearly double the production of a typical year.

Much of what I've written has been outside my "box"--stories written for new markets, "old" markets to which I've never sold, and themed anthologies I might not have looked at twice a year ago. The downside of writing outside my box is that my sales rate is down and my rejection rate is up. Despite that, income from short fiction is holding steady and is comparable to this point last year.

In a way, the 3.5-month drug-induced stupor that prevented me from writing during the closing months of 2008 helped to reboot my career at the beginning of 2009.

Go figure.


Susanne said...

Maybe that increased productivity is the proverbial silver lining in a dark cloud.

And ... just a thought ... maybe those outside of your usual box markets that are temporarily wrecking your rejection/sales rates will become a whole new set of guaranteed to sell to markets with a bit of patience!

Michael Bracken said...

From your mouth to God's ear, Susanne!

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Hopefully it makes what happened somewhat worthwhile.

My brief flury of productivity has ground back to a halt and remains stalled. I saw my doc the other day and after he expressed a desire to do new tests becuase of a couple of concerns he had, we discussed meds. At least for now, he won't change them. His feeling is what I am on is safer from many standpoints, including creativity, than other choices he has in his arsenal.

Clearly, the only answer is to move to the next block over from you.