Thursday, September 24, 2009

Story fifty

I finished writing my 50th short story of the year a few minutes ago. The final draft is printing as I type.

This is a 2,000-word vampire story, written in response to an anthology's open call that I saw mid-summer. I began work on the story on July 22 and have been niggling at it ever since. I worry that the story is too short, based on the parameters in the call for submissions, but I can't see any way to lengthen the story without resorting to fluff-and-fill. So, out it goes. Fingers crossed. Hope for the best.


John Donald Carlucci said...

I'm trying to catch up with you, but I think you're a force of nature at this time. :)


Michael Bracken said...

That would be: Inertia.

Once started, I retain my velocity along a straight line so long as I am not acted upon by an external force.