Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Story fifty-eight

I finished and submitted my 58th short story of the year a few minutes ago. It's 2,500-words about a gardener, written to the specifications of an anthology's call for submissions.

I started writing this yesterday afternoon, after several weeks spent kicking around possible ideas, and finished it this evening.


Jeff said...

Where do you find most of the market listings for the anthologies that you submit to?

Michael Bracken said...

Google is my best friend.

While I find some anthologies through popular sites such as ralan.com, "everybody" knows about these sites.

I find many more of the anthologies I submit to by searching for variations of "call for submissions" or "submission guidelines." Doing this I find anthologies that don't have their calls for submissions spread all over the Internet. For example, I found a small press calling for submissions to a vampire anthology. I only saw the guidelines on the publisher's site, and they were only there for a brief time.

Also, I keep close contact with a couple of other high-volume short story writers and we share information.

Jeff said...

Thanks Michael. The Google tip is a good one. I use Google for everything else, not sure why I hadn't thought to use it for searching for anthologies.