Sunday, November 08, 2009

Story sixty-four

I just finished and submitted my 64th short story of the year, a 3,800-word St. Patrick's Day love story.

I started dictating this story on November 11, 2008, using the dictation software I purchased for my laptop when I was recovering from quadruple bypass,* and had completed the first four pages or so. A couple of weeks ago, Plot Monkey and I looked at what I had written and plotted out the rest of the story. This week I finished writing the story the conventional way (fingers on keyboard).

*I know I mention this too often, but the four months I spent recovering had an impact on my writing that I'm still dealing with more than a year later.


Barbara Martin said...

Recovering from a major medical condition has a large impact on one's writing and outlook on things in general, so mentioning it is fine. I'm going through my own.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

And, overall, you have dealt with it very well, Michael. Having just been diagnosed with a major new issue of my own, all I can add is to take advantage of things while you can because you never know what comes next.

Kevin R. Tipple