Monday, March 29, 2010


In a review of Best Gay Romance 2010, Eric Page writes:

"These stories explore the idea that one night, one week or one summer can be as romantic as a life spent together. From the sweet, everyday and unexpected discovery of love on your own doorstep in ‘Total Package’ by Michael Bracken, to the more sophisticated wisdom and suggestiveness of ‘The Falls’ by Natty Soltesez this paperback collection of (sometimes very) short stories is a good read, leaves you feeling warm, covers all the kind of love from first to make-up and even, in this most cynical and bitter of reviewers hearts, lit a candle of hope that we might all get a chance at the ‘happy ever afters.’"


Kevin R. Tipple said...

Good review.

Interesting the way the review was handled in that when I just mention a couple of works in such situations, I always get hammered about the ones I didn't mention.

Anyway, just a thought. Good deal on the mention in the review.

Michael Bracken said...

As a writer, I enjoy seeing my name/story mentioned in a review of any anthology to which I contributed, especially if it's a positive mention.

As a review reader, I don't want to see a long list of one-sentence short story reviews embedded in the body of an anthology review. I want the review to hit the highlights and lowlights and tell me if the anthology is worth my money or it isn't.

And any writer who badgers a reviewer should have his writer-card taken away.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

As a review reader, I don't mind the long list. Sometimes that list tells me more about the book than the rest of the review.

Works the same way as a writer when I look at previous ones put together by the same editor.

As to collecting writer-cards----I could make a joke about that, but it would be so un pc. lol