Sunday, January 16, 2011


I pitched an anthology today, fleshing out an idea I had several months ago.

I try to keep anthology proposals floating around at all times, but I may make more of an effort this year to put multiple proposals into publishers' hands.

I've edited eight anthologies (five published and three cancelled before publication), enjoyed the process, and would like to do it again. With my current workload, and based on my previous experience, I could easily edit two anthologies each year.

(Hint to publishing gods: If given the opportunity I would adjust my workload to edit more than two each year.)


sandra seamans said...

From your lips to the publishing god's ears. Good luck with your pitches!

Stephen D. Rogers said...

Hey Michael,

My story's on the way. heh.


Michael Bracken said...


Would that be "The Case of the Missing Space," a Perry Mason pastiche that involves intense scrutiny of forged documents?