Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I learned of my 23rd acceptance of the year earlier today, but not from the editor who apparently accepted the story.

Last year I sold a story to an anthology and later heard from the editor that he needed more stories. I sent him two more and heard nothing.

Until yesterday.

A fellow writer who has a story in the same anthology mentioned that he'd received page proofs from the editor, and he congratulated me for having two stories in it.

Two? Which two?

He told me: The story for which I'd signed a contract and one of the other two stories I'd submitted.

I've tried to confirm this with the anthology editor--an editor to whom I've sold several stories in recent years--but I've heard nothing.*

No contract for the second story. No page proofs to check.


I have no reason to doubt the writer who told me about this so I'm counting this as my 23rd sale of the year.

Still, I'd like to receive confirmation from the editor.
*Less than 12 hours have passed since I emailed the editor, so it's a bit soon to actually fret about this

3/31/11 ADDENDUM: Sale confirmed overnight by the editor. Life is good.

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