Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The cover of Munchies

The cover of Jack Bludis's latest book Munchies and Other Tales of Guys, Gals & Guns, a collection of 13 short stories, seems to have multiple versions. This is the version I like best, perhaps because my name's on it, too.

What I said, in case it's too small to read, is:
"Jack Bludis is one smokin' hot crime fiction writer. When you finish reading this collection, you'll be hungry for more."
I'm proud to say that two of the stories in Jack's collection--"Munchies" and "Truth or Lie"--were first published in anthologies I edited.

And if you've ever read "Munchies," you'll appreciate my blurb even more.

Order a Kindle edition here.


Graham Powell said...

"Munchies" was a great story, clearly the best of Jack's that I have read. And now I'm off to grab a copy.

Warren Bull said...

Great cover art too.