Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Coming March 1, 2012: Crime Square

They call it the “crossroads of the world,” and from its inception Times Square has been the pulsing heartbeat of a city filled with life. Now, in this eclectic and electrifying collection, twenty acclaimed mystery writers take readers into the past history of Times Square, where danger lurked around every corner, and where characters walked its streets with the easy confidence of a con man. Spanning over one hundred years—from its christening on April 19, 1904 to the contemporary “Disney-ized” version, Crime Square is filled with guys, dolls, booze, and bullets. With contributions by such award-winning authors like Parnell Hall, John Lutz--and a host of others--CRIME SQUARE is the ultimate collection of crime stories, set in the world’s ultimate destination.

Edited by Robert J. Randisi and containing stories by 20 top crime fiction writers, this is a not-to-be-missed anthology.

See the full line up at Amazon.

(And, oh yeah, if you squint at the cover you'll see my name included at the bottom right as: "And 15 others.")


Graham Powell said...

"And... Others" is a popular pen name of mine, but for some reason they always spell my middle name differently.

Michael Bracken said...

Graham, are we twin sons of different mothers? 'Cause that happens to me, too.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Very cool and sincere congrats.

warren murphy said...

hey, michael, i hope your "and others" isn't bigger than my "and others."
warren murphy