Sunday, November 06, 2011


No, this isn't the number of stories I've written this year or the number of acceptances I've received. This is a different, but equally important number.

This morning I weighed 210 lbs. This is my lowest weight in 20+ years.

Mid-summer 2006 I was near my peak weight in the mid-230s (my peak was 239 several years earlier). Through a combination of circumstance and intent, I slowly took weight off until I was in my mid-220s when I had my quadruple heart bypass in September 2008. The cardiologist wanted (and still wants) me to lose more weight.

Ever since then, my weight has bounced around. I would work to pull it down to the mid-210s, only to see it climb back up to the mid-220s. And it's always easier to gain weight than lose weight.

This summer, again through a combination of circumstance and intent, I began losing weight again. Only this time my weight has continued to drop; I've not yet had it bounce back up.

I've lost weight through a combination of smaller portions, better food choices, and a modest increase in exercise. If I could kick my worst habit--the over-consumption of Mountain Dew--I would probably lose weight faster.

Why am I posting this news in my writing blog? Because I suffer from the same malady as many writers: Too much time with my ass in a chair, mindlessly munching on snacks as I write.

If you suffer from this same malady, perhaps it's time to make some changes in your life.

Get up, get moving, and get healthy.

I know I'm better off for having done so.


Graham Powell said...

It's not just writers - I work on a computer all day, and we have free sodas and snacks. I weighed about 240 as recently as mid-2008, but I started exercising more and now I'm down around 215.

Michael Bracken said...

Free sodas and snacks? I'd bloat up to the size of a zeppelin. The fact that I have to finance my own sins may be what's kept me from getting even larger.

Congrats on the weight loss, Graham. I hope we see less of each other in the future!