Sunday, February 17, 2013

2012 Cash-in-hand from creative writing

Recent discussion with a friend who asked what creative writing genres generated my writing income prompted me to breakdown of last year's writing income. (The following does not include advertising, public relations, and similar work.)

71% Confessions
  8% Erotica*
20% Royalties-Fiction**
 1% Royalties-Non-Fiction

*Includes all forms and includes cross-genre stories (erotic mystery, erotic horror, etc.) **Includes novels, short story collections, and short stories, and represents multiple genres

I don't think 2012 represents a typical year because:
a) a good portion of the confession income represents past-due payments from previous years not received until 2012
b) Though much of the erotica is cross-genre, most years I sell non-erotic stories in those genres
c) Non-fiction sales were non-existent in 2012. Most years I sell one or more essays and/or articles

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