Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Published & etc.

My short story "Love From Above" appears in the February True Story, on newsstands now.

Yesterday I received my first rejection of the year. So far, no acceptances and no rejections today.


kitty said...

I just checked out True Story's quidelines . No simultaneous submissions while they take TWELVE MONTHS to respond. Do you adhere to the simultaneous submissions request from mags? Because that's crazy for thw writer.

Michael Bracken said...

I rarely submit the same piece--fiction or non-fiction--to more than one publication at a time...but i sell most of what I write and the last thing I need to do is piss off an editor on the possibility/probability that tow editors might both want the same piece.

While True Story and the other confession magazines published by Dorchester Media can have long response times (sometimes measured in years, not months) it doesn't impact me significantly.

As a frequent contributor, responses to my submissions are generally pretty quick and delays usually--though not always--mean that a story is being held for a specific issue. (For example, if I submitted a Christmas story in November, I wouldn't expet a response until September or October of the following year when the editors started putting together the next Chirstmas issue.)

Also, I keep a steady stream of material in the hands of editors who regularly purchase my stuff. I don't--for example--submit one piece, wait for a response, and then submit another. I submit, write another, submit it, write another, submit it, etc.