Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The things we get ourselves into

Last fall I posed for a photograph that was used in a magazine ad. That ad has been converted into an on-line advertisement now up at http://www.wacowedosports.com/events/

On the right side of the screen is an ad that changes each time the page is refreshed. One ad comes up with a picture taken from a sand trap toward the flag on the green and asks "Has an injury gotten you off-course?" The ad is a three-parter. After a moment, the second part appears on the screen and shows a guy in a blue shirt and tan pants swinging a golf club. That's me.

I've posed for other photographs before this, most recently to illustrate something in Seeds, the weekly newsletter I edit, but the golfing photo may be the first time I've ever posed for a photo ultimately used in an advertisement.

Is this the start of a modeling career?

Somehow, I doubt it...

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