Thursday, January 31, 2008

Textbook on Writing

I was recently asked to contribute to a college textbook on writing, and I've spent more time on it this past week than I have on writing new fiction. Before I begin writing my section of the textbook, though, I'm trying to complete two tasks:

1) Provide a 75-word bio. This is tough. By cutting a little bit each day I've gotten my bio under 400 words. Only 325 more words to cut.

2) Answer seven questions about myself/my writing that the editors can combine with the responses from other contributors to create call-outs and/or sidebars. The editors have asked some thought-provoking questions, and I've been answering one question each evening as my last project before bed. Reflecting on why I do what I do and how I reached this point in my writing career has involved some unexpected and intense self-discovery. Kudos to the editors for challenging me like this.

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Kevin R. Tipple said...

Some version of number two, should you be willing to share, could be enlightening.