Monday, January 05, 2009

14 hours and then I drop

I've been going non-stop for 14 hours now--cardiac rehab this morning followed by a couple of hours revising a radio commercial and a newspaper ad, and then several hours of editing with brief writing interludes.

And I finished another short story. This is another I had started pre-surgery, about a missing husband. I'd written the set-up, but I didn't know why he was missing or where he'd gone. Yesterday I figured it out. I had somewhere between 1,000 and 1,200 words written before I picked the manuscript up yesterday, and the final draft clocks it at 2,600 words.

I also revised three short-shorts that I had written several years ago, cutting words to make them appropriate for a different market.

I e-mailed the new story to an editor a few minutes ago; the three revised stories go in the mail tomorrow.


Susanne said...

HAPPY New Year!

Sounds like the pre-surgery Michael ... setting the bar far too high for the rest of us mere mortals to hurdle!!

Michael Bracken said...

If you can't hurdle the bar, walk under it. Either way gets you to the other side.

And, yes, it is a happy new year.