Thursday, January 01, 2009

Slow start

2009 is off to a slow start. It's almost 3:00 and I haven't sold a thing.

On the other hand, I did just finish a new short story, and it'll go into the mail tomorrow.

It's a story I started pre-surgery. I had written the first 1,800 words or so and had made notes about possible directions the story could go from there, along with a note about how it might end. I wrote the last half of the story Tuesday and Wednesday and did a final edit/proofread this afternoon. The final draft clocks in at 3,500 words and the last half only vaguely resembles the notes I'd made.

That makes two stories finished since Christmas.


Kevin R. Tipple said...

"2009 is off to a slow start. It's almost 3:00 and I haven't sold a thing."



Susanne said...

Hey, Michael -

If anybody else made a comment like yours about the year geting off to a "slow start," I would have interpreted it as a joke ... but knowing what tough benchmarks you set for yourself ...

Considering all your post surgery problems in terms of putting cogent thoughts on paper and finishing stories, I'd say 2009 started off at a wonderful pace!

Happy HEALTHY New Year!!

P.S. Please forgive me if I was too bogged in deadline projects to notice if you were joking.

Michael Bracken said...

Yeah. It was a joke. But if I haven't sold anything by the end of the day today...