Saturday, August 14, 2010


I took a break from office work and went grocery shopping. When I returned, my 43rd acceptance of the year was waiting for me. This one's a romantic/erotic story about finding a modern-day "handsome prince." In my story, the handsome prince is a rich Texas cowboy.


Cate Gardner said...

43rd acceptance of the year. That's fantastic.

Michael Bracken said...

Thanks, Cate. My goal is to average at least once acceptance per week. This year I'm a bit ahead of schedule.

Graham Powell said...

So when you hit 52 do you take the rest of the year off?

Michael Bracken said...

Not this year, Graham.

I have to make up for a slow 2009 when I only had 37 acceptances. That quadruple-bypass toward the end of 2008 put a crimp in my productivity for the last four months of that year and resulted in reduced sales in 2009.

Maybe next year I'll take a break when I hit 52 sales and let the rest of y'all have a chance.

Or maybe not.