Monday, August 30, 2010


I received my 46th acceptance of the year this afternoon, this time for 4,400 words of violent crime fiction about a hired killer.


sandra seamans said...

Is there a difference between a hired killer and hitman, Michael? I keep seeing editor guidelines that state they don't want stories about hitmen so I tend to shy away from that type of story. If you stop to think about it, even assassins or snipers are hitmen. Makes you wonder where to draw the line.

Michael Bracken said...

There's probably no real difference, Sandra, but I tend to think of a hitman as someone with subtlety. The hired killer in the story I sold lacks subtlety.

This is a story I wrote with no particular market in mind so I wasn't concerned with guidelines when I wrote it. Stories I write without a market in mind often take for freaking ever to sell. Not this time, though.

sandra seamans said...

Rather like the difference between James Bond and Mike Hammer, they both get the job done but one does it with a little more class.

And I know the feeling about finding a market, I have several stories in that predicament right now.