Tuesday, November 30, 2010


For every J.A. Konrath there's a Michael Bracken.

I received my first royalty check from Amazon Digital Services Inc. (ADSI) for the five titles I made available for Kindle: $15.

Granted, none of the five titles are novels. Two are novellas; three are short stories. Four have been previously published; one is original. Four are crime fiction; one is romance. The novellas sell for $2.99; the short stories for $.99.

I also have seven titles available from three different publishers (two novels, a short story collection, and four short stories) and have short stories available in two anthologies available in Kindle format. My royalty check from ADSI does not reflect income from these titles.

Although I have mentioned all of these titles here and on my website, I've not been actively promoting them the way some writers promote their work.

I prefer to spend my available time writing new material.

Even so, here's my pitch: If you have a Kindle and want to read some good crime fiction, good romance fiction, or good confessions, try some of my titles. They're all available here: Michael's Kindle Titles.


Brian Drake said...

Hi, Michael. My Kindle checks have totaled about $30 so far for two books, one short story collection and one novel, and I have two more coming up in January and March.

Remember that Konrath has around 22 or so books available. Neither of us will see his numbers until we get more material out. Of course, I will be 40 before I have as many books available as he does, and that's doing four per year, but that's a story for another time. And why do I say "I will be 40" like it's a bad thing?

Michael Bracken said...

I don't expect to see Konrath's numbers, nor should any writer jumping into electronic self-publishing. What I just received from ADSI puts food on the table for a day or two and it's money I never would have received if I'd let my work sit in the filing cabinet.

Still, it would be nice if more writers shared information about their Kindle sales so that we would all be better informed about the realities. How much are we earning or how many copies are we selling and how much sales/promotional effort are we putting in?