Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memories Dying now available for Kindle

Memories Dying, a horror novella I wrote several years ago is now available for Kindle.

Young police officer Mike Morelli expected a routine night shift in the northern California coastal town where he had lived his entire life. Then Patrick Bates, chairman of the Baker High School class of 1974 reunion committee, returned to town. Would his classmates, most of whom died graduation night, soon follow?

Memories Dying was previously published in the U.K. as In the Town of Dreams Unborn and Memories Dying and received some great reviews, including the following:

"A truly terrifying tale in the Stephen King tradition. Michael Bracken is a horror writer to watch out for."-Writers Block

"Nicely understated and atmospheric...."-Science Fiction Chronicle

Order it here.


sandra seamans said...

Just out of curiosity, do you do any rewrites before uploading your stories? I read some of my old stuff and just cringe.

Michael Bracken said...

Sandra, I've not yet rewritten anything before uploading it, though I do proofread everything and always manage to catch and correct a few typos.

There are two primary reasons I've not rewritten anything before uploading:

1) Most of what I'm uploading has been previously published, so it's been edited for publication.

2) I'm mining my files for stories (previously published and new) I feel are print-ready and require a minimal amount of editorial work.

Once I've uploaded the "gravy," then I may start looking at stories that require additional work before uploading. But I'd rather spend my creative time generating new stories.

sandra seamans said...

Ah...the advantages of having been in the business for so long :) And I don't blame you for spenidng your time writing new stories, that's what I'd rather do too!