Thursday, May 26, 2011

My afternoon as a butt model

Magazine editors do much more than wrestle nouns and verbs. Sometimes we're called upon to utilize our physical assets rather than our mental assets.

Yesterday, after editing a humorous article about Dumpster diving for gardeners that arrived without illustrations or photography, I was selected to Dumpster dive while the magazine's publisher took photographs to accompany the article.

So, there I was around mid-day, head down in a Dumpster, my backside pointed skyward and my legs a kickin', hoping I wouldn't fall in before the editor could get a usable shot.

He took the shot, I didn't fall in, and the selected photo will appear in the July/August issue of Texas Gardener.

And, let me tell you, being a model isn't all its cracked up to be.


Kevin R. Tipple said...

Could have been worse. Could have been my backside. That would require a two page photospread.

Graham Powell said...

This sounds like Rule 34 waiting to happen. Google it, but carefully.

Brian Drake said...

This post is worthless without pics!

Michael Bracken said...

Kevin, I really didn't need that image in my mind.

Graham, Ewww.

Brian, If I give it away today, who's going to pay to see it when the magazine hits the newsstands?