Thursday, October 22, 2009

Healthy competition

Even though I often think of myself as the poster boy for prolific short story writers, I know I'm not the only highly productive short story writer currently writing, Over the past few years I've developed a strong e-mail relationship with Laird Long, another prolific short story writer. Like me, he writes in many genres under many names, and we regularly sell to the same markets, sometimes even appearing in the same anthology or same issue of a magazine.

We regularly share market information and I'm sure I have a few sales that resulted from information he's shared with me; I can only hope the reverse is also true.

Earlier today we shared year-to-date stats. I've finished and submitted 59 short stories; he's finished and submitted 72. We challenged each other to see who can end the year with the most completed short stories.

He's 13 stories ahead of me and there are 10 weeks left in the year. That's OK. I figure he needs the head start.

(Then again, maybe I'll cheat. I should be able to knock out 13 pieces of Twitterfic between the end of Survivor and bedtime...)


Stephen D. Rogers said...

Pikers, I say. :)

"110 and counting"

Michael Bracken said...

Dude, you need to get out more. You're spending too much time at the keyboard (and screwing up our otherwise impressive stats).

Stephen D. Rogers said...

I DO get out. I never could get in the habit of ordering stamps by mail. :)


Graham Powell said...

Michael, if you can figure out how to make money off Twitter, you will retire a wealthy man.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Congrats to all...nice healthy counts that generate plenty of exposure.