Sunday, June 23, 2013

Doug Danielson

Doug Danielson, a fellow writer I met through the Short Mystery Fiction Society's discussion list, died May 23 in Ventura, CA. According to an email I received earlier today from a mutual friend, he had been battling cancer for sometime.

Doug authored the novels Wet Dreams*, Shore Loser, and Sea-Duction as well as a handful of short stories and several articles.

An active member of the Puerta Vallarta Writers Group, he conceived of their annual writers conference, and he organized the first and several of the subsequent conferences.

We don't often have the opportunity to meet the writers we know from discussion lists, but I had the honor of staying with Doug and his wife Karen while participating in the PVWG conference in 2011. They were kind and generous hosts.

Doug was an experienced yachtsman and I tapped his knowledge for at least one of my short stories.

Though I did not know Doug as well as I would have liked, I will miss him.


*Wet Dreams seems to have disappeared from Doug's official bio, but I have a signed copy in my collection.

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