Monday, April 10, 2006

Another Editing Gig

For the past month I've been working with one of my clients to develop a new, weekly publication. We created a name and a catch-phrase, then I created the logo. I developed the template for the publication's look, and Wednesday I'll put together the prototype first issue--selecting and editing some material, writing other material. If everything goes as planned, the prototype will be approved and will be released as the first issue.

The actual launch date has not yet been determined, but I anticipate it will be in the near future.


Stephen D. Rogers said...


Will you continue as editor once it launches?


Michael Bracken said...

That's the intent. It'll be my third concurrent editing gig, and I'll then be editor of a weekly newsletter, editor of a monthly tabloid, and managing editor of a bi-monthly magazine.

Alas, all three editing gigs are non-fiction.

(Hint, hint: If anyone wants to launch a mystery magazine, or needs a fiction editor for an existing know where to find me.)