Monday, April 10, 2006

Submission "Frenzy"

I finished two projects this morning and didn't feel like writing. Instead, I spent most of the day sending manuscripts to editors.

I usually know where I plan to send most manuscripts. I even know at least one and sometimes as many as four back-up markets in case the first editor returns a manuscript. Occasionally I write something and have no back-up markets for it; sometimes I exhaust the back-up markets without selling a particular ms.

A couple of times each year, I spend the better part of a day seeking markets for specific ms. I search the Internet, thumb through Writer's Market, double-check other market reports (both on-line and off), and try to match up unsold ms. with potential markets. Then I start printing fresh copies and stuffing envelopes, or reformatting electronic files and preparing e-mails.

While I made good progress today, I still have a file drawer full of ms. that need to be in editors' hands. It looks like I may need to dedicate another day for market research, and real soon.

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