Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day forty-six, story eighteen

I completed my 18th short story of the year earlier today, a 6,100-word confession/romance about a woman who meets the love of her life at a garage sale where she's unloading the things her ex-husband left behind.

I started writing this story in July, 2005, and had worked on it in fits and starts ever since. I had about 3,300 words written before I picked the manuscript up again earlier this week and was finally able to put all the plot pieces together so that I could finish writing the story.

It's already on its way to an editor.


Nik said...

Rings bells, this. Some of my stories have gestated for years! Sometimes they become books, sometimes a better short story. The moral is, never throw out a failed or unfinished story; it just needs time to come to life.
Nik Morton (author of Pain Wears No Mask & The Prague Manuscript)

Michael Bracken said...

I have several hundred unfinished manuscri--er, works-in-progress. Everything gets completed in its own time, and I would hate to lose the files and have to start over.