Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The tease

I belong to a Yahoo group for writers of a particular sub-genre of women's fiction, and we all write for the same small group of publications. Many members post their acceptances as soon as they receive them, and there will be a little wave of posted acceptances--two, three, four, and sometimes more, acceptances posted in a two-day period.

I've noticed an odd trend: If I happen to have sold something to the same issue of the same publication, my contract arrives a couple of days after the wave of acceptances posted to the group by other writers.

So I'm left sitting on the edge of my seat. I know the contracts have been mailed. I know mine seem to arrive after everyone else's. Will I have something in this issue, or not?

Sometimes yes. Sometimes no.

But for a couple of days I feel like I'm being teased.

Maybe I should stop monitoring the postings so closely and spend more time with my fingers on the keyboard.

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