Monday, April 27, 2009

What are the odds?

I just learned that 225 stories were submitted to the Mystery Writers of America's Publications Committee for potential inclusion in an upcoming MWA anthology. One of them was mine. There are only 10 open slots. That's a 10-in-225 chance or a 1-in-22.5 chance that my story will be selected. And let's say 25 writers buggered up their submissions somehow--by failing to follow submission guidelines, by submitting the wrong genre, or by displaying sub-literacy--which would drop the odds down to 1 in 20. Not bad odds, but not great, either.

The final selections should be announced mid-May. I'd keep my fingers crossed until then, but it makes typing difficult.


Graham Powell said...

I see a possible flaw in your clever plan: the spots are awarded based on merit. My condolences.

(Er - Good luck! That's what I meant to say!)

Michael Bracken said...

Merit? We don't need no stinking merit.

Susanne said...

The competition for MWA anthology open slots (the other 10 are filled by invitation of the editor) is one of the fairest I've seen. Nobody knows who the author is until the story has been selected.

That means an even playing field for big names and no names ... and best of all means my story, "Arrangements," wound up in Mystery Writers of America Presents Show Business Is Murder.

Based on merit (not to mention expertise) I'm betting Michael fills one of those top 10 slots!

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Fingers crossed for you as well.