Monday, January 18, 2010

Hack House

A totally new writing environment.

An old hotel converted into individual "writing rooms." Each room comes with a private bathroom, a mini-fridge, a desk, and a couch. Writers are encouraged to decorate or outfit their private rooms as they wish.

The cafe on the main floor is open to the public, and is ideal for those writers who need to work in a busy environment, yet need to be close to their writing room for when they want/need privacy.

The lounge, also open to the public, is open in the evenings for writers who like to mingle. And drink.

The entire facility has wi-fi, a maid service, and other amenities. Once each quarter, Hack House sponsors a two-day writing conference for wanna-be and would-be writers not yet ready to have their own room at Hack House. Once a month, Hack House sponsors readings or open mic nights. Hack House writers-in-residence are encouraged to participate or to isolate themselves as appropriate to their needs.

To the extent possible, staff consists of college students majoring in English, Journalism, Creative Writing, and other related programs.

Hack House.

Where the words are.


Brian Drake said...

So... Where is this place? :)

Michael Bracken said...

It's only a concept.

Maybe I should create a prospectus and see if I can scare up a few investors.

Or go the non-profit route and see if I can get a grant.

Can I count on you to take a room?