Sunday, January 31, 2010

Story five

I completed and submitted my fifth short story of the year this evening. This is a 3,900-word male-P.O.V. confession that I started writing November 4, 2007. It started with a typo in another story: "one night stan" instead of "one night stand." When I spotted the typo, I thought "One Night Stan" was somebody I could write a story about.

So I did. I wrote much of the first half back when I had the idea. I worked out the plot for the second half and wrote a couple of the key scenes a month or so ago. Then today I wrote the filler scenes that tie the key scenes together, cleaned up some rough patches and typos (none that inspired new stories, though), and wrapped it all up this evening.


Steven T. said...

That's one hell of a typo.

Michael Bracken said...

Imagine if every typo generated a new story. We'd be up to our butts in manuscripts in no time!