Wednesday, April 21, 2010

22, 23

I woke this morning to find two acceptances waiting in my e-mail, this time for a pair of confessions I submitted on Monday.


sandra seamans said...

I wonder, Michael, do you dream of having a whole issue with nothing but your stories between the covers? :-)) That would be such an awesome accomplishment!

Michael Bracken said...

While I have often had two stories published in the same issue of a magazine, only three times--if my count is correct--have I had three stories in the same issue (once each in an adult publication and two confession magazines).

Writing all the stories in a single issue of a magazine might be possible, but it's unlikely to happen. A great many other writers would have to suddenly stop writing and submitting. And, much to my dismay, that isn't likely to happen.

But it is a nice dream.