Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Published again and again and again

The mail certainly stacked up while I was in the hospital. No acceptances were awaiting my return, but contributor copies were:

My story "Night Shift Nookie" appears in the October True Romance. My stories "Love at First Fright" and "Wild Card" appear in the October True Love.


pattinase (abbott) said...

I have to tell you that you are an inspiration to me. That you could be back in the harness so quickly is a miracle and gives me hope. Don't answer this. Just keep opening those acceptances.

Randy said...

Aw, Michael...so sorry to hear about what happened. Take heart (no pun intended) that my brother had quad bypass at the age of 38 (he's still doing well at 61) and my dad at 65 (still well at 85). In my family (bad genes!) bypass surgery has truly added many quality years of life. I know the recovery period is tough, but I'm confident you'll be reporting new sales in no time! Best of luck, and please take care.

Mary Ellen Carmody said...

Michael - so happy to hear you are doing well - missed you on the loops. You are in my thoughts.

Mary Ellen