Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where's my damn epiphany?

If I were writing a story based on the recent events in my life, this would be the point where my protagonist has an epiphany--that character-altering moment when he vows to be a better person and save the world from injustice. So where's my damn epiphany?


Page said...

First of all, get well soon Michael.
Next, when I had cancer, I had an epiphany. What did I care about work or fame when I had my extended family. Almost immediately my son and his family moved to CO (I'm in FL), my sister two hours away etc.
Fortunately I thought it all very funny but it has put me off epiphanies.
Best wishes, Page

Brian Evankovich said...

Hang in there, Michael. You'll be okay. --Brian

Cheri` said...

"Where's my damn epiphany?" Sounds like a great title for your next best seller. Write what you know about!

Love you much Michael...