Monday, March 23, 2009

8; War stories

I received my eighth acceptance of the year earlier today, this time for a confession about a female soldier who returns home from Iraq and discovers that her husband is missing.

When I posted a note about finishing and submitting this story back on February 12, Susanne mentioned that she had had several stories rejected that involved returning soldiers. Although she didn't specifically say so, I inferred from Susanne's comments that she wondered if confession editors were shying away from war-related stories.

Having now placed two war-related confessions, it appears to me that confession editors will accept some war-related stories. (My other war-related confession, about the impact of a soldier's death on the pregnant girlfriend he left behind, was accepted last week by a different editor.)

So, what's the difference between the war-related confessions that have been accepted and those that haven't?

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