Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day eighty-eight, story twenty-three

Plot Monkey and I spent yesterday riding on the Texas State Railroad, and by the time the trip ended we had ideas for several stories. We roughed out plots for a couple of them on the ride home, and I scratched out notes while she drove, all the while wishing I'd taken my laptop with me so I could actually write. Today I wrote an 800-word romance based on one of those ideas, and while we were swapping thoughts about the romance, she provided me with an idea for yet another story based on our train trip.

Anyhow, the 800-word romance will go into the mail tomorrow.

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Kevin R. Tipple said...

there is sosmething about writing that inital draft on paper that works much better for me than being on the computer. Don't know why. I suspect it works the old brain in a different way, but I don't know that.

Sounds like a fun and productive trip. Been meaning to ride the railroad and take that trip but thigs keep preventing it every time we think we are going.