Sunday, March 15, 2009

All White Girls to be reprinted

My hardboiled private eye novel All White Girls will be reprinted later this year, and I spent part of the weekend reading the proofs for the new edition. I hadn't read AWG cover-to-cover since reading proofs for the first edition in 2001 and, if it wasn't egotistical to say this about my own work, I'd say it's a damn good novel.


Brian Evankovich said...

That was indeed a good book and it's good to hear it's coming out again. Who's the publisher, when can we expect it, and will it lead to a sequel?

Michael Bracken said...

The new edition from Wildside Press (the original publisher) will have a cover price of $11.95 and should be available late April. The new ISBN is 978-1-4344-5523-9.

I have a half-written sequel on my desk, but I haven't touched it in more than a year. I futz with the manuscript every so often, but when I might finish it is one of those questions I can not yet answer.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Yes, it was a very good book and I am glad to hear it is coming back out. Seems like this might be teh push you need to finish the sequel.